With all of my wealth of child-care and teaching experience I can deliver useful, cost-effective and worthwhile sessions that will leave the children, and staff, with:

+ an understanding of the structure of a story.

+ an example of how to make and use notes to plot and plan a character, setting and storyline to produce a completed age-appropriate, topic-related story

+ a demonstration of how to promote creative writing and creative thinking within the classroom.

+ a series of activities that will reinforce the need to cater to the listeners' and readers' needs when creating a story.


"Unbelievable! I have never seen an assembly like it. Tony charmed and captivated the whole school and all of the parents with his sense of fun and ability to read the audience so well. The story and songs were just amazing."           Primary Teacher Swinton September 2015

The children have had  Storyteller (Tony Wilson) come in to the classrooms today to support literacy and creative writing development. He has worked with all age groups across school and supported teachers in delivering lively and interactive musical and literacy sessions with the children. He has had such a good day that he has left us a lovely note as he passed through our doors.               Headteacher  Derby 2015

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work and enthusiasm when we visited Washington for the Rhyme Rocket. Your workshops were absolutely brilliant and I learned so much from watching the way you interacted with the children.”   BBC Manchester

Tony Wilson lives his life as a minstrel and storyteller. I choose these words carefully, because for Tony, bringing stories to life is a calling, a gift which he offers with both wit and wisdom. Having the pleasure of touring with him, I know first-hand the spell he can cast on audiences of all ages. We are all storytellers in one way or another, but Tony shines bright as one to whom we all should listen.     JAMIE OLIVIERO STORYTELLER VIDEO             
The storyteller was excellent. He adapted his style to the different age groups. His teaching experience showed through and he even gave us some materials for things that we were studying.  Brilliant. The teachers that accompanied the children learned some stuff too! He was very natural.The students absolutely loved it! Right from the young ones up to the big ones. They really enjoyed the way he told stories and they loved his songs and banjo playing. Lots of parents came to say thanks, because their children had really enjoyed the experience.                        Fleming College Huanchaco Peru       

Just a short note to say a huge thank you as I think that you are inspirational with your storytelling. I watched your DVD of stories and it inspired me so much I decided to learn them and do one of them in an interview and landed myself a new full time post. The head teacher said the best part was when he looked around the room and saw 4 adults with their mouths open watching. Thank you once again for your storytelling.          Reception NQT Derby

Tony Wilson is a first class storyteller / musician who has been working as a lone ranger in the North East of England and abroad for many years, and so has remained a relative unknown to other storytellers and a total stranger to the festival scene. This is bonkers – as his comic timing is fantastic, his accompanying banjo playing is jaw dropping and his range and off the cuff delivery of children’s stories both impressive and extensive. He is a very funny man. In my opinion its high time this superb teller was recognized for his contribution to storytelling in the UK and linked up so new audiences can enjoy his talents and material.

His unique style made him stand out from any other author/ storyteller we have had visit our school. Even those children with the poorest concentration spans had their total attention held by Tony. His interactive working style and integration of songs and music were inspirational!

A talented teacher, story teller and musician, Tony has a deep understanding of what works with children, his accomplishments on guitar and other instruments only adds to the clever way he uses his voice, face and body. One of our Down syndrome children really took to his use of sign language, so much so that we have looked into using this with her in the future. Tony is inclusive; everyone feels better for having experienced his entertainment.

The sessions that Tony delivered across our primary school were engaging for the children and inspiring for the teachers. I have seen many of the techniques he modelled used in classrooms. He clearly has a gift and he has certainly left a legacy in our school. I have recommended him to schools across the authority with full confidence.