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Resources for Schools DVD

During my time as a Storyteller and a writer I have created and told thousands of stories, many of which I have made into about 30 collections. They cover many aspects of the National Curriculum from the past 16 years. They include collections of

Fairy Stories      Nursery Rhymes      Traditional Tales for young children

Original Stories for younger Listeners    Magical Tales     World Stories

Paper Technology     Jack and the Beanstalk Technology

Curriculum Subjects

Vikings     Old Industries/ Mining in the Northeast     Steel Making in Wales

Famous Victorians     Grimms Fairy Tales     Folk tales from South America

Tudors    The Great Fire of London     Pirates     The Great War     Brazil

Send me an e-mail tonywilsonstoryteller@hotmail.com and I will send you a list of the collections all available at a very reasonable price.

I have placed over 400 videos of stories, CPD, songs, paper technology, curriculum and writing ideas on YOUTUBE, as I believe in sharing our learning practice.

If you put "Tony Wilson Storyteller" into a search on YOUTUBE you will get to my site.

If you add your particular category, e.g. EYFS, or writing, practical ideas, technology, forests, WW1 and many more  it should lead you to a wealth of materials.
try "Tony Wilson EYFS"